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It is touching when couples who PANORAMA PHOTO  team covered their marriage are happy to grow their family !!! We speak for Nikos and Chrysanthi! In 2009, their wedding was celebrated, and in 2013 Spyros baptized their first child and this year they baptized their second child Eleni! Be happy and loved as a family, rejoice your little ones!!
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Baptism at Agios Tryfonas in Neapolis, Volos Read more
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Our approach to the baptism photos and videos would be different from marriage, but in reality it is not so, we are facing the children like the big ones! In the baptism of little Constantine, in Agios Stefanos in Alykes, things were beautiful as the little Constantine we baptized! The guests were few and all of them were smiling! Very beautiful picture, you do not meet often .... Read more

On Sunday, April 27, Panagiotakis was baptized at the Holy Church of St. Basil of Volos. The newly enlightened Panagiotis is very lucky because he has two wonderful parents Andrea and Anastasia! Panagiotis' baptism was attended by more than 150 guests, friends and relatives of Andreas and Anastasia. The little, friendly, quiet and seemed to enjoy the dip, gave us generously the most beautiful portrait! The reception of baptism took place in the Ch. Andreas and Anastasia wish you to admire your child and always be a happy family! Thank you very much that after your wedding in 2010 you have trusted the panorama photographic and video recording of your first child!

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The reason for the neo-baptized Apostle! The first child for Giorgos and Vasso and all organized in every detail! What I will not forget about this baptism is George's aunt and the grandparents ... "The photographer we chose is strict" !!! :-) I wish you Apostle to live and say only to joys like today !!!! Read more
Wonderful pictures gave us the little Electra baptism to design her digital album. In Agios Konstantinos Volos, a temple that works best and from photo studio for professional photographers! Electra's baptism also includes the DJI phantom for too many external aerial video and photo shoots. Read more
Wonderful pictures gave us the little Electra baptism to design her digital album. In Agios Konstantinos Volos, a temple that works best and from photo studio for professional photographers! Electra's baptism also includes the DJI phantom for too many external aerial video and photo shoots. Read more
George and Anna were young parents ... Their first child was baptized at the Panteleimonas Temple in Volos. We had our wedding in Agia Irini in 2013! That day I was very hot and after the baptism that went very smoothly followed for all guests ice cream from the pastry honey! Read more

The neo-baptized Maria Ourania baptized Agios Kosmas the Aitolo in Volos! Her parents have another baby Angel who we had photographed in 2012 in the same church! Vassilis and Vanessa, Marinia will live like you will cry and thank you for trusting us and for your baptism !!!

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George and Eftychia I had to see them from 2009 when I had their wedding! Suddenly I see George in the studio, I was moved because with each couple I get together and I identify with their moments! I want to learn their news and let them not be my clients, I want them to be happy and loved like George and Happiness who baptized their second child among people who love them a lot! In Agios Dimitrios Almiros, the mystery of the baptism of little Christos was performed! I wish you to be tied up and loved as a family forever! Read more
Kostas and Mina baptized the second member of their family. For the second time, they have trusted the panorama! In 2013 at the same temple we baptized Apostolos The pictures we captured in baptism justify their trust towards the photographic! Moments that will never be repeated again, we are asked to record with our professional excellence and artistic look with state-of-the-art equipment! Read more
Alexandros and Maria met them in 2012 looking for the right photographer for them ... At that time we had worked together and successfully covered the well-known (to our customers) quality of the photographer. In 2015 in the same Temple at Evagelistria we covered the christenings of their two little girls! We are happy to see the couples who made them married to raise their family and be happy like Alexander with Maria !!!! Read more
Heracles and Christina, parents of two beautiful girls, baptized Argyro-Maria in the Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Kalambaka! The organization of baptism was wonderful and the weather, we captured pictures and videos of baptism in a total of 950 photos and 55 minutes of mounted movie material !!! Read more
These moments from baptisms are very beautiful ... others make you smile and others tear !!! The panorama photographic museum was found in the Channels of Magnesia, a village 40 minutes outside of Volos to cover another wonderful baptism !!!! Read more
Dimitris and Gianna baptized their third child in the same church as their other two boys! At the Holy Church of Panagia Armeniou of the prefecture of Larissa! The third time they trust the panorama photographer for his professional look at the recording of moments of baptism !!! Read more
Jerry and Gittle, two lonely people in a big city, are entering this game. Their goal of discovering each other's eyes that they are not alone! Will they do it? What brings them close? Love or their identical needs? And if needs diversify? Will they continue to be together? Is the game of loneliness also a game of self-awareness? Fuse (Volos theatrical group) The role of Jerry Stefanos Lappas The role Gkitl Freedom Savvaki. Directed Stefamos Lappas Costumes: Tanya Tsaka Music editor: Fanis Alexandris Sets: Cameras Fuse: Vaitsopoulos N, Papakonstantinou A. Editing: Apostolos Papakonstantinou Production: Photographic panorama | Tel. 2421029717 | |

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Volos beach from above, The beach of Volos from the cafeteria Kypseli. Read more

short film, wedding suggestion in Thessaloniki!

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The wedding of Gabriel and Dionysia in Agios Nikolaos, Portaria, Pelion, the photo of the couple took place in the courtyard of the church and the reception of their wedding on the veranda of the hotel xenia Portaria Read more

Wedding and baptism together in Armenio, Larissa. Giannis and Vassos were in bondage with the wedding ties to the Holy Church of Our Lady in Armenio Larissa, after marriage followed the mystery of baptism! in the external shots participates and the photographer's drone panorama!

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The marriage of Vassilis and Vanessa in Agios Konstantinos and Eleni in Volos! The preparation of the bride took place at her father's house in the village of Stafanavikio of Magnesia while the groom in the Volos Park Hotel. After the wedding ceremony followed the well-known photo of the couple and the best man! The wedding reception took place in the friendly land of Ali Meria Volos! Read more
Moments from the wedding of Sakis and Pepis in Agios Dimitrios of New Demetrias of Volos. we have uploaded a small photo sample to show various moments from the whole wedding day! In the wedding of Sakis and Pepis, we covered with the photo and video the preparation of the bride for the wedding ceremony, the outdoor photography of the couple and the barbarians and finally the wedding reception in the supa pala! Read more
Impressive entrance of a groom with a phalanx from the taxi in the church! The wedding began with the preparation of a groom and bride followed by the wedding ceremony at the Holy Ascension Church of Sotiros Volos immediately after the photo of the couple and the barbarians in the center of Volos and finally the reception at the Megaron wedding reception center in Velestino. The second day of the photo was taken in Pelion! Read more
The introduction of this wedding includes moments from the preparation of the bride at Stefanovikio, the Wedding Ceremony at the Holy Temple of St. Constantine and Eleni in Volos and finally the wedding reception in the friendly land Read more
Traditional Wedding in Agios Nikolaos Almyros! The panorama photographe covered the preparation of the groom and the bride for the wedding ceremony, the outdoor photography at Efxinoupoli, Almyros, and the reception at Papathanassiou Tympaleasio reception center in Almyros! The second day of photographing the couple was the tour of Pelion, to complete this photo took more than 8 hours! It was the marriage of Nikos and Yiota !!! With fantastic decoration and crowd of guests and of course live music that accompanied the bride to the steps of the church! Read more
The introduction from the wedding of Nikos and Eutychius to Agios Nikolaos Portaria, Pelion! at their wedding reception they participate and drone! Read more
A wonderful wedding, with lots of smiles and bright eyes full of hope! George and Eleni the bridegroom and the bride banned the holy skin of the wedding in August at the Holy Temple of Jesus Christ in Dimini. With bridal preparation coverage, ceremony, outdoor photography and reception at the State Wedding Reception Center! With two workshops of the Panorama Panorama! Read more
Advertising photography at the hotel alkifron in the well-covered waters of Pelion Read more
The two brides (sisters) married the same day, same time in the same Holy Temple! On Saturday May 13, 2017 in the Channels of Magnesia. The video relates to the couple Christos + Natasa! Read more
The baptism of John was understood by the neighbor who was not invited! For this season it was the first baby baptism that did not stop crying !!! It was very beautiful in John's baptism with Nikos and Eutychius's friends to smile and try to grab the baby's attention! Let Joanna live for you! Read more
The crew of Panorama photographed in Promiri, Pelion, to photograph and record the baptism of little Dimitra! With a short delay, baptism began, with many friends and relatives invited to wish George and Sophia and to kiss the newly-beaten Demeter! Read more
Βίντεο βάπτισης στην Αγια Αικατερινη Read more
The workshop of the panorama photographer was found in Karditsa for the wedding and baptism video and video coverage of Vai and Agathi! The photo of the couple was made in the woods in the center of Karditsa, the wedding ceremony took place and immediately after half an hour (after the photo for the beginning of the baptism album and the end of the marriage album was completed, the ceremony of baptism followed! The wedding reception took place at the center "the chickens" in Karditsa! Read more
Beautiful images were given to us by Kostas and Magda who married and baptized their first child in Agios Konstantinos Volos! The groom entered the car by the bride but walked on foot !!!! Following the crowns was the established photo of the couple in Makrinitsa, Pelion! The wedding reception took place at the Filia earth wedding reception center! Read more
A photographic crew consisting of a professional photographer and a professional photographer traveled from Volos to Alonnisos to cover the baptism of newly-photographed Nikos with video and photography !!! Lovely the island as lovely as the parents, Leonidas and Eleni !!! And the first baptism from their child was covered in the panorama of the studio in 2012 again in Alonissos! Here, in our photographic studio, we are particularly keen on the preference our customers have to cover after their marriage and the baptisms from their children! Thank you very much!!! Read more
The wedding of Giorgos and Athanasia, with very cold and snow, the wedding ceremony took place in the Holy Church of Our Lady in Armenian, immediately after the wedding ceremony was followed by the baptism of their son Panagiotis! The couple's photo was taken at Volos Palace Hotel in Volos! Read more
Commercial professional photography at Zoi Alexandropoulou's microbiological clinic at 102 Iolkos Read more
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photographic advertising from the panorama photogallery in Volos!

For the menu of the restaurant at the hotel Kypseli at the beach of Volos! There was a photograph taken at the meeting room with studio flash from the Panorama Panorama!

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Advertising photography at Bourtzi Hotel in Skiathos Read more
Advertising photography in the mansion of Fotou in Tsagarada, Pelion Read more
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